hey ... welcome to my blog ... ita all about kaka, Bayern, Mario Gomez "since hes not a Bayern player :(" and I also like RM and the Brazilian team :))
Im a huge video games fan ... my favorites are DMC and SW

Rememberingwalt’s Get to Know Me(me) [x]

8 Outfits - 4. Meg’s Dress (Hercules, 1997)

"Impressive, impervious, imperious”. “The brain”. “A fiercely committed winner, tactically astute and with the physical capacity to dictate games all day long”. “A manager’s dream”. “A heartbeat to the midfield, a rock, a warrior and a deserved champion”. “Germany’s ultimate field warrior”. “A gladiator of the Allianz Arena and a conductor of the German machine”. “Indestructible, indefatigable”. “The heart and the pulse”. “A full-blown national hero”. “The majestic and the great”. “The Chosen One”. "F u ß b a l l g o t t".
O1.O8 - Happy 30th birthday, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

تصميم من مسلسل #فرق_توقيت
FC Bayern Munich